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Scientific Method Foldable

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This is a two page EDITABLE scientific method foldable that can be used in a science interactive notebook. Click the PREVIEW button to see the 2 page foldable. This foldable has students write the definition of vocabulary words (ie. independent variable, dependent variable, controlled constants, experimental group, and control group) and then identify these words in a science experiment that investigates whether or not nitrogen fertilizer affects plants' heights. Students will go through the five steps of the scientific method process.

Please see preview to see everything that you will receive, as well as completed pictures of the foldable product.

Included in this product:

2 page blank foldable
2 page foldable with answers (to use for differentiating instruction)

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Keywords: scientific method, scientific process, independent variable, dependent variable, constants, controlled variables, experimental group, control group, conclusion, analyzing data, analysis, steps of the scientific method

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FILE:  pdf document & Microsoft Word document (version 97-2003)

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